Susan asks for feedback...
Questions maybe for the blog? Has to do with collars. A trainer came for a 90 minute session today and had several suggestions for me. She wanted me to keep the dog door closed when I am home rather than giving the dogs quite so much full control over their environment. Also she wanted me to keep collars on them all the time, and suggested rolled leather collars as being the least problematic with their long coats.
I'd be interested in any feedback.
I'm curious myself. My house dogs wear collars, complete with i.d. tags. The kennel dogs don't wear collars. I was taught that was bad animal husbandry, as the collars might catch on fencing. All my dogs are micro- chipped. Thoughts from the rest of you??

2 Comments on “Collars…”

  1. Susan M says:

    Julee (the trainer) addressed two of the issues that I raised about collars. She said that they need to be tighter than a lot of people are inclined to put them on, to avoid the “catching on stuff” issue. She also said the reason a lot of people caution against collars and promote halters is because they are concerned about the pulling against the larynx, but that that issue should be addressed by teaching the dog not to pull….

    I did buy rolled leather collars and I did order new tags….Raji’s collar is pink; pony’s is red, Rinchen’s is black and Sammy’s is brown….sexist broad that I am….:-))))))

  2. Katy Widger says:

    My apsos wear rolled leather collars all the time, with their very comprehensive name tags on them. The collars are tight enough that they won’t slip over their heads if pulled, but loose enough that I can get two fingers under them. They are also all micro-chipped. Not taking any chances. Zeke wears a “no-pull” harness when going for a walk, because he’s a little bull and I don’t want to take any chances with his larynx. He loves his harness and it makes taking all three of them for a walk at the same time very doable. I’m also using a harness with this large beast of a GSD, who now weighs over 70#’s. The trainer sold me a “sprong” leash that I attach to it, and if he pulls, I stop, the “sprong” leash gives him a little, welll, sprong, back into place. I like it with the harness much better than jerking on his neck. It’s been very effective in stopping his pulling in a more gentle way, and now, when I do attach a leash to his new leather collar for obedience training, he doesn’t pull, he heals. No need for a “choke chain”.
    For what it’s worth…..

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