Weeks ago Julie sent me a blog post I’ve tentatively titled the’ neXt generation’.  She’ll find this hard to believe, but I’m getting very close to being ready to post that, with the thought of highlighting a dog every day or so. A dead mother board is always a pain-in-the-a$$…even more so when one’s images are stored hither and yon. Yesterday I received an email from Toshimi, a perfect segway to the neXt generation.

Hi, Debby

How are you?
I got some photos of
I would like to share with you.
Isn’t she beautiful! even though I have not wash her for more than a month.
Now finally I got a pet dryer and Kenchii’s shares. I am so exited to use them tonight!

Please say Hi, and Thank you to Julie.
Koyuki is a wonderful beautiful dog!


7 Comments on “Koyuki..”

  1. Susan M says:

    Such beautiful coats.
    As a fledgling home-groomer who is constantly being thwarted by all of those little knots that get created every time my Gompas hit the wet grasses outside, I would love to know what your grooming routines do entail. No bathing for a month seems like a non-issue, but how to keep them from getting matted underneath when life brings them wetness….

    Please, please, please what are your secrets to such beautiful dogs????


  2. Toshimi says:

    Thank you Susan

    Honestly I do nothing.
    I brush her only once in two weeks or so..
    Her coat is very easy to take care of .
    I wonder that Is it an inheritance of the Dam side or Sire side?
    The temperature in this area is at it’s coldest 0 to 30 degrees this time of the year.
    So, usually they don’t get wet.
    They loves snow!

  3. Susan M says:

    Aha, so cold is beneficial in this situation, and that makes sense. What we have here is wetness up to our knees all winter long, and that regular and accumulated wetness under the belly and between the legs just breeds mats.

    I’ve also noticed that there is a huge difference in the coats of all four dogs. Rinchen’s gets quite “greasy” looking very fast; Raji’s is thin (as befits an old girl?), Sammy’s is very curly; and Pony’s is — absolutely perfectl !!!!

    Anyway, send more pictures !!!!! I could look at Apso pictures all day long…

  4. >>> Pony’s is — absolutely perfectl !!!! .

    … and that’s the key to growing full coat. One has to have a *good* coat to begin with as no amount of technique or product will turn an … umm … less-than-optimal coat into a coat with proper texture, length and provide ease of care. I wish all the dogs in my house had Ali’s hair!!!

  5. rose says:

    Toshimi – Your lhasas are so beautiful. I used to look at your blog, not only are they so personable, they are so well travelled. Do you still have the blog; the site doesn’t come up any more. Let us know, we love looking at lhasa pictures.

  6. Toshimi says:

    Thank you rose!
    I am very glad to hear that.
    But, I don’t have my blog anymore for my personal reason.
    I even didn’t take their pictures for long time.

    You and Susan encourage me to continue to take the photos of my Apsos.

    I will post the photos again on the blog whenever I’ve had little more time to do.
    Mean time, I would love to send the pictures of my Apsos to Debby.

    Thank you again!

  7. Cathy says:

    Absolutely beautiful. It gave me a peaceful little break in my work day to stop and admire such beautiful dogs. My resuce Lhasa, who has a world of issues probably related to bad breeding manages at least to have a great coat. It just never mats. Thanks for sharing.

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