Westminster Kennel Club

In the spirit of that famous show…

Hype, Money and Cornstarch…What It Takes to Win at Westminster

These photos were taken in 2006, the year Julie, me and our husbands trekked to NYC. Ch. FFT C’est La Vie on the bench…

The weather was similar…

One Comment on “Westminster Kennel Club”

  1. Julie says:

    I watched most of the show on TV (can’t say I missed not being there) Tim watched along with me and of course picked out most of the winners. According to him, he should be a judge. I tried to explain that armchair judging is always so much easier than the real deal. I think we tried to explain it to both him and Rick while in New York, they seem to be having lots of fun judging from the hotel room.I’m not sure going back to Westminster as an exhibitor is a goal of mine any longer (chaos and torture are 2 words that come to mind when I think about it) But the expirence is something I’m so glad I had. Those days in New York were fun and educational. And I am so glad we were able to say we dined at “Tavern on The Green” now that it is no longer open.

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