AKC explains new Grand Champion competition.

Who is Eligible for Grand Champion competition?
The following categories of dogs are entered in this competition:

  1. Dogs that are Champions of Record competing in Best of Breed or Best of Variety class.
  2. Dogs transferred to Best of Breed/Variety which according to their owners’ records have completed the requirements for a championship but whose championships are unconfirmed. (The showing of dogs whose championships are unconfirmed is limited to a period of 90 days from the date of show where a dog completed the requirements for a championship according to the owners’ records.)
  3. Champions that win Non-Regular Classes and become eligible for Best of Breed competition. (Altered or spayed CH veteran class winners at independent specialties are eligible.)
  4. Winners Dog and Winners Bitch are not eligible for Grand Champion competition.

t the judge’s discretion, Grand Championship points may be awarded to:

  1. Best of Breed or Variety
  2. Best of Opposite
  3. Select Dog
  4. Select Bitch

Grand Champion competition will not continue beyond Best of Breed competition and in breeds that are divided into varieties, Grand Champion Competition will not continue beyond Best of Variety competition.

What are the requirements to earn the Grand Champion Title?

  1. 25 Grand Champion points.
  2. A minimum of 9 points won at 3 shows with ratings of 3 or more points (Major wins) under three different judges, and one or more of the balance of points won under a 4th judge.
  3. At least one Champion of Record was defeated at three of these shows.

How are Grand Champion points computed?

  1. Grand Champion points are only to be awarded to dogs the judge considers deserving.
  2. Grand Champions points awarded to the Best of Breed/Variety shall count all dogs of both sexes competing in the regular classes and in Best of Breed/Variety competition.
  3. Grand Champion points awarded to Best of Opposite Sex shall count all dogs of their sex competing in the regular classes and in Best of Breed/Variety competition.
  4. Grand Champion points awarded to Select Dog/Bitch shall count all dogs of their sex defeated in the Best of Breed/Variety competition as well as the dogs of their sex in the regular classes.
  5. The entry of non-regular classes are not counted for computation of Grand Champion points to be awarded.

Judging Procedure

  1. Choose BOB, BOW and BOS
  2. If quality warrants, choose a Select Dog (SD) and Select Bitch (SB) from the remaining Champions in the BOB ring (Do not consider BOW, WD or WB)
  3. Annotate the judge’s book certification as to the eligibility and quality of the Grand Champion points being awarded or withheld.
  4. Award BOB, BOS, SD and SB ribbons if determined to be of eligible and deserving of the Grand Champion title. See: http://www.akc.org/pdfs/judges_sheet_conformation.pdffor example of the revised judge’s book form.


  1. On May 12, 2010 Grand Champion competition will be included in all shows offering BOB or BOV competition.
  2. Premium lists – Other than prize listings, there is no requirement to address Grand Champion competition in the premium list since it is included in all shows that offer BOB or BOV. However, there is no restriction should superintendents and secretaries want to bring attention to the new competition.
  3. Judging Schedule – No additional information is required.
  4. Ribbons – BOB and BOS do not require an additional ribbon. Light blue & white ribbons for SD & SB. Flat ribbons or rosettes are equally acceptable. “Select” is acceptable wording however “Grand Champion Select” is acceptable and more descriptive.
  5. Ring Markers – Just as with BOB, BOW and BOS, there is no AKC requirement to have SD and SB placement markers. These markers are provided as a service by the club or superintendent.

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