Dolphin banquet

Segway. A word, an action, often used by Josh and Chuck on their podcast, How Stuff Works. This American Life doesn’t use the word, but each show is opened with a short story that introduces the concept of each show’s stories.

Last night I started agility classes with Edie and Elliot; Agility Foundations 1 and Agility Foundations 2. Norma Jean is enrolled in Family Dog. Getting home at 10PM, the first night of my work week might be a bit of a challenge, but wanting to learn, I decided to belly up to the bar. One of the things I’ve learned this past year or so from Ana and Lori is how to spark a dog’s ability to puzzle things out, to think. For a long time I’ve thought dogs had this ability, but had not a clue how to tap into this ability. Karen Pryor’s Lads Before The Wind opened the door for me in the mid90s.

Animals are amazing. They don’t have language as *we* know it, but they do communicate!

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