Dog Fancy Magazine

Got this from Rose:
Was in the pet food store today picking up provisions and saw what i thought was a lhasa on a magazine cover. Since i didn’t have my glasse on, i picked it up to confirm it was a lhasa and not a ShitZu as they usually are.  Well, Dog Fancy had a feature article on Lhasa’ for the Feb issue so i sprung for the $5 bucks!.  Was thrilled to see them feature the Lhasa, i know their popularity has been slacking off.  As I recently told Ginny, I’d rather own something rare!!!  In case you didn’t see it, the last paragraph say it all:  “Once you have a Lhasa, you’ll never want anything else.  They’ll spoil you because they are so intelligent.  They really understand you.  They get inside your head and your heart.”  I think that says it all. 

2 Comments on “Dog Fancy Magazine”

  1. Julie says:

    Vickie put a nice ad in the magazine on behalf of ALAC> Lets hope people start recgonizing what a wonderful breed this is-once again!!

  2. ALAC put the ad in hoping to generate more interest in the breed … I only did the layout!

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