More Canine Artists

Yvonne Sovereign, Sanford, North Carolina, in her bio for Dogs In Review wrote: I was born into art. My mother and father met in art school and my father had a career in graphic art, painting on the side. As my mentor he stressed proper structure and perspective. He helped me with my first oil painting of a deer when I was only 7. When I was 8 years old my grandfather gave me a stack of paper and I drew Greyhounds from an article about racing Greyhounds in one of his sporting magazines. How I loved their beauty! In high school I majored in art, learning to paint on canvas in acrylics, then attended a summer program for the gifted and classes at the Corcoran School of Art. I then majored in art for two years at Virginia Commonwealth University. I still take painting workshops periodically. I have always had a love for dogs and I decided to concentrate on canine art in the mid-1970s when I went to the Old Dominion dog show in Virginia and spotted a display there of an artist whose work I still admire, Margarite Val de Tara King. She had amazing graphite drawings of dogs and large oil painting of the Whippet, Ch. Sporting Field’s Clansman. I was inspired by that painting and knew then that I would focus my artwork on dogs.

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