Armchair Travel

Kathy! Thanks for sharing!

Pop some corn, add a little salt from the Himalayas, and a touch of butter…treat yourself to a breathtaking journey into Tibetan life. 
“The Last Salt Caravan follows the Ancient Trade Route to Tibet’s mysterious gorge with salton spring. We follow the caravan as it is taking a salt-selling journey on the Ancient Trade Route between Tibet and China. The memory of the ancient trade route was regarded as something that had fallen into oblivion until we met the last salt caravan in the deep mountains of Tibet. The Province of Yunnan, located in the south western part of China, is the very starting point of the Ancient Tea Trade Route toward Tibet, which was also called a southern Silk Road with a two thousand year history. Caravans from Yanijing and Yunnan still take this route to trade tea grains and most importantly, salt. Throughout history, salt had been the source of power. This region and the salt caravan introduce you to a hidden way of life at dizzying heights!”

3 Comments on “Armchair Travel”

  1. Kathy … where’d you get the DVD?

  2. Kathy says:

    Found the DVD on Amazon, Vickie. If you have a blu-ray player, the film is especially gorgeous. And the salt came from Whole Foods.

  3. Don’t have Blu-Ray but I do have Himalayan salt! Thanks for the info …

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