Happy 80th Alma!


In honor of Alma’s birthday! Her 80th birthday!

We – Alma and I – have never met face-to-face. Wouldn’t that be fun! I admire Alma’s spirit. A business she started years ago, she continues to sell Mary Kay products. She still has some of her original customers. Alma, I’m not sure why you originally contacted me. Or how you found me. The website, probably. Roadie went to live with Alma in December several years ago…the same month Seth went to live with Caroline. Caroline’s former son-in-law was able to fly Seth, in cabin, to Florida. Weather, December wasn’t a problem. Roadie, on the other hand, was flying air cargo to Alma. She arranged a ride to airport with a neighbor and let me know which day and what hours were convenient for her neighbor. Okay. Remember, this was December. Airlines have weather restrictions on flying live animals, which are reviewed daily. I thought we’d be lucky to get Roadie out of Denver before February, given the restrictions. But, I went along with Alma’s plans. And guess what?! United lifted the ‘fly live animals’ restriction for FOUR hours on the very day, the very hours, that worked for Alma’s neighbor.

When I sent Roadie, he was wearing a relatively short coat. He wasn’t in long, show coat. Alma takes him to the groomer monthly and his coat is, once again, long. She’s promised to take recent photos. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

I love that Alma updates me via the blog. My father-in-law turned 81 in April. He uses his computer for card games. That’s it. Alma communicates using the FFT blog. Wouldn’t it be fun to meet Alma! Age is a state of mind. I’ve always said that. Sometimes, especially while driving, I remind myself…don’t drive like an old person, don’t drive like an old person. I also realized, years ago, that as time marches on, as the years go by, I’m still me. I’m the same person I was growing up. I’m the same person I was as a young adult. I’ll be the same person when I’m 80.

Today, Alma, celebrate 80 years of life!

Happy Birthday Alma!


3 Comments on “Happy 80th Alma!”

  1. shelley says:

    I have no idea who Alma is, but 80 is definitely a milestone. Congrats!!!!

  2. Katy says:

    Happy Birthday, Alma! You go girl! May God continue to bless you richly each and every day! I pray that I’m as alive and well as you are, with my Apsos by my side, when I reach that milestone, God willing. Hope you have a grand celebration!
    Best to you!
    PS to All: Roadie, Alma’s Apso, is Zeke’s daddy. Zeke just turned three on Nov 4, so I’m guessing Roadie is five or so. From Alma’s discription of him, it sounds as if father and son are very much alike.

  3. Thank you Debby for the wonderful blog on my birthday. I expecially like your last sentence. I feel the same. I am the same person as I have always been. I tried to copy and paste, so I could send it to Rochelle, but could not get it to work.

    Also thank you KatY and Shelley. Kayty, he has a different bark for everything. i.e if he is locked in a room, if he wants to go out, someone at the door, getting me up in the morning, I get a cooing sound and if I don’t respond, I get a loud bark. He is very smart and determine. If he want to lick his paws, i can’t dtop him. I am also teaching hjim how to stand up on his hind legs without leaning against me. Teaching to sit and beg is not to successful yet.

    Again thank you to everone.



    Philadelphia, Pa.

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