Winter embracing the Rocky Mountains

Good thing I’ve decided to embrace winter. Or visa versa.

The snow began Tuesday night, if I’m remembering correctly. I ventured into work yesterday morning, determined to embrace winter. What’s a little snow?! After all, I live in the Rocky Mountains. Several clients did bring their dogs in even though school had been cancelled and snow was to continue throughout today, Thursday. Dogs were picked up early. I closed the shop at 1PM, having groomed several of my own dogs as well. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon, the dogs all snug as a bug in a rug, under the insulating blanket of snow. Along with the heater, of course. I have a feeling this winter I’ll again be reminded of how awesome it is to have covered runs!


Late last night I shoveled the stairs leading down to the housedog yard for one last pitstop before bedtime. Ely and Vincent don’t mind snowy stairs, but Yangsom does, particularly when the snow is higher than her. This scene greeted me this morning.


Embrace winter! Winter embrace me!

One Comment on “Winter embracing the Rocky Mountains”

  1. Hello Debby, I enjoyed reading the blogs this morning. The blond lhasa is the way Roadie looks now with black on his face and under his mouth. His color changes. I can’t imagine him not liking to get wet or the snow since he should be accustomed to it(smile). But he will smell the air before he goes out if it is raining or snow and he will do his potty as close as he can to the door and right back in the house. He is very calm and laid back with me and when I take two steps he takes four. I have to check to see if it time for him to get any shots. I know he had the one for 3 years. I will have to take some more pictures to send to you. He still has his show look. The groomer who is also named Debby, shampoos him with a combination of the shampoo and the conditioner together and his hair is just like silk. He is very pretty.

    I will be hitting the big O this month, 80. But still going strong except little pains here and there, but what do you expect. (smile) I have been in Mary Kay 21 years and still have some of my original customers.

    Well take care and be well, will talk to you again.


    Alma and Rhoadie

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