Thanks to Vickie for helping me out here! I continue to edit Ancient Treasure in every spare minute. And look forward to being back here in several weeks!!!! From your lame editor, Debby

A quickie for the blog <g> …Top 10 Reasons You Need a Vacation From Your Dogs

1. When your spouse’s shocked voice shouts from the shop, “Honey, come quick, I’ve had a terrible accident!”  … you show up breathless with a mop and scent neutralizer.

2. You wake panicked in the middle of the night when you sense you suddenly have room to move your body around the bed.

3. You can’t sleep unless you hear lots of heavy breathing in your bedroom

4.The emergency number on your speed dialer is for the dog’s veterinarian.

5. When someone taps you on the shoulder, you tell them firmly, “Off!”, then “Down!”.

6. When tempers flare among your family members, you pull out the long forefinger, pointedly raise your voice and shout “Go to your crates, now!”

7 When someone asks what’s for dinner you automatically reply, “Kibbles and Bits”.

8. When you are walking a ring around the local park and someone points at you and your dog, you raise both arms over your head, whoop and go looking for a ribbon.

9. When shopping, your best friend asks you what you think of that snappy suit in the window, and you scowl and mutter, “Useless … it’s the same color as my dog and it has no pockets.”

10.When your neighbor points to her crawling infant and asks you what you think of her new baby, you study it for a minute and reply, “Well, a little short on coat and long in the hock, but that kid has a great topline!”

2 Comments on “Reasons….”

  1. Susan says:

    Okay, this is vaguely a space filler, or just a way to get information out to anyone who is still reading here.

    I’ve been giving all my dogs a product that was recommended by my groomer. It is called Synovi G3 soft chews, and it’s purpose is to prevent joint deterioration. Today when I went looking to restock the supply, I discovered a very negative review of the product at the Amazon site (wood chips found in the chews). I contacted the company that Amazon was shipping the chews from (Entirely Pets) and they told me that they “still have some chews”, but that the FDA has closed down the manufacturer. Yikes and darn. Anyway, just in case you don’t have enough to worry about, I thought I’d share this information with you. Who knows what else Teva has been manufacturing that you don’t want to be giving to your dogs.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Thanks Susan for the info and for continuing to stop by! I’ve got lots of stuff saved the blog and will be back in action upon my return from the National Specialty October 21st. I had no idea preparing for this would take almost every minute of my spare time. I want the film, Ancient Treasure, to be the best I’m capable of…which may not be much considering the learning curve I’m climbing running editing software, along with filming.

    Please, feel free to contribute information, odds and ends, just as Susan did here…in response – sorta – to the quickie Vickie so generously sent, which was an easy cut and paste from the admin end.

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