Workin’ away

I have a new-found appreciation of the Academy Award for film editing. Ancient Treasure The Remake is scheduled to debut this Friday evening. The rough cut version, for sure. I’ve been buried in this stuff for months, from writing the script to filming the pieces to enhancing graphics to selecting music to… The blog has been unattended. My garden has been unattended. My email inbox is bursting. With friends and competitors coming in for the Specialty and shows, I’d really, really like to have a decent rough cut to show. Between Jason’s beautiful narrative voice, along with my friends and family doing voice overs, it’s going to be really good. My friend Melissa helped with the script. She’s an author and recently was in charge of script continuity for a locally filmed independent movie.

Before I bury myself in editing my own video (which is really creepy…editing yourself…), here’s a song my friend Cort shared.

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