Pedal to the metal

I wish there had been time for backroads, but it was the pedal to the metal yesterday, along with last Wednesday and Thursday morning. Julie makes the same road trip in 2 weeks. TEDTalks kept me entertained. I love my iPod!

It was all worthwhile, although in a different way than previous years. Mellow, almost. Keeper picked up his second major, which was my main goal for the trip. He now has 9 points, both majors. Yippee!!! Norma was awarded Best Puppy and RWB at Thursday’s Specialty. She won her puppy class the following day under Carolyn Herbel. Candice picked up 2 more majors. Melissa’s Ella picked up her first major. Thateus got lucky. He got a haircut. He’s a beautiful dog under ALL that hair.

Kaylee, Julie and I spent a relaxing late afternoon on Melissa’s lawn, looking at the Edmund x Josie puppies. The male came home with me. FFT Melou Spill The Wine. Elliot. spILL ThE wine. He was unbelievably good on the trip back home. For the first part of the journey, he rode with Norma. She fussed at him now and again, but that was all. After settling into our room at Motel 6 in Lincoln, I separated them for a late night dinner. He munched his lunch. Since he was being quiet, I decided to try letting him sleep alone. Not a single peep all night long! Not even when I woke up, brushed my teeth and packed back up. He rode alone the rest of the way home, again without a single objection. Good Elliot!

It’s back to the real world. 14 grooming dogs on my books today. The kennel is in need of someone with a drill and a hammer. Perhaps I can find said person this weekend.

In my spare time, I continue to work on Ancient Treasure. I’ve selected possible music. With a few minor setbacks – or would that be the Learning Curve – I recorded pronunciations for Jason and swung by Health and Harmony on my way home yesterday to drop off the flash drive. The narrative should be ready for pick up late Thursday afternoon when I get this tired, weary body adjusted. Nate and I will put the film together this weekend. Still a couple of voices to gather, along with images. But, all in all, things are falling into place.

One Comment on “Pedal to the metal”

  1. shelley says:

    It was nice to see you, ever so briefly!

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