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A non-profit social enterprise preserving Tibet crafts and  culture, the Dropenling Handicraft Development Center is dedicated to improving the lives of Tibetan artisans throughout Tibet by selling only unique, high quality handicrafts made in Tibet, by Tibetans.


From the website:

The name “Dropenling” is a Tibetan word meaning “giving back for the betterment of all mankind”.

Dropenling is a social enterprise designed to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to the promotion and preservation of Tibetan culture. All profits from Dropenling are returned to the artisan community in order to improve their working conditions and livelihood.

Dropenling combines on-site artisan producer groups, handicraft sales, and traditional cultural performances. Dropenling is open from 10am-8pm everyday.

Please stop by, help support the Tibetan artisan community, get a taste of the real Tibet!

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