Stella’s new ‘do

Hi, Debby,
I thought you might like to see the before and after haircut photos – boy, does she look grown up! She has such a sweet little face and strong little body.
Also wanted to report that we *may* be making progress in the poop-eating situation.  We are watching like hawks and making sure we clean up immediately, but she just walks away from it now.  I *did* change the vegetables I was using in the food I make – I’ve been putting in peas and carrots, and read on your blog that green beans may be a deterrent – could be.  Overall she is being pretty darned good!
This was taken the day before her haircut – June 30, 09…
Taken the day of the haircut – July 1.  Doesn’t she look proud?
Stella Haircut.7.1.2009

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