Writing on a Friday morning..

The java is tasty. The sunlight filters through the pines. It’s a grand Friday morning in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. So…here’s what’s on my mind. Correct me if I’m wrong.

This week I’ve really been missing the blog. My scheduled posts are awesome for sharing the many things I want to share. The many things you want to share. The fun things. The informative things. But, they’re scheduled ahead of time. Which means I don’t get up in the morning and write what’s on my mind. This week I’ve been missing that spontaneity, that creativity, that soap-boxiness. When the computer became a part of my morning routine years ago, I’d get up, pour a cuppa and write an email. Or five. I’d get lost in the writing process. When I started the blog two years ago (!!!!!) I transitioned to writing here. It seemed the perfect solution, combining my love for writing with wanting to stay in touch. 

Somewhere between then and now, I lost something. I’m not sure what it was. I’m not sure where it is. When I find it, I’ll know.

In my continual, on-going, never-ending thirst for knowledge I’ve discovered several virtual communities made of real people. Younger members of my family. A photography community. A combination of podcasts, photography, techno-stuff led me to them. I haven’t allowed myself to spend much time there yet. There’s the presentation at October’s National, with a prelim run-through Labor Day weekend that’s on the top of my priority list. I cannot afford to get lost, become immersed, in learning something completely different right now. Even though that’s what I want.

Dropping by these virtual communities each morning, just to see what’s going on, this week it occurred to me some of you do exactly that with this blog. I followed my nephew Chase’s deck remodel the past two weeks. When my sister’s Lori’s kids – and their kids – were in Nebraska for the 4th, I felt like I was there. My birthday was extra special because of my real-time friends (thanks Ginny! the cake was great!) along with those out there is cyberland. Relish life! I love dropping by Esquire Photography on Wednesday for David’s West Coast Wednesday Video. It usually has nothing to do with photography. I love reading his silly writing, whether it be a little. Or a lot.  

Maybe you, too, have been missing my spontaneous writing. Maybe I’ll find what I have lost. At least now I know it’s worth searching for. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In the mean time enjoy Black Velvet:

One Comment on “Writing on a Friday morning..”

  1. The demands of the day make it difficult to sit, ponder and relay what’s really on our minds. Here’s hoping you find your “groove” again 😉

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