The other Kathy..Rose’s Kathy..

Thought you guys might enjoy…  Be sure to check out the Yin Yang dogs photo!

Hi Debby,

Hope all is well on the mountain! I’ve been keeping up with your blog a
little better lately.

I started a blog a couple months ago, and just posted another picture of the
canine girls tonight. Thought you
might enjoy this.

If you click on the picture, it will enlarge to a VERY large picture in
another window. I thought about cutting the size on this, but wanted you to
see Rose’s ear. I don’t know if you can tell from the pic or not, but in
less than 10 hours yesterday, she had scratched so much that the hair on and
around her right ear is one giant, knotted mat. It is grass pollen season
here, and Rose has gone from licking a paw or two and scratching 1-5 times a
day to licking all four paws and scratching furiously every 10-15 minutes.
Her vet just restarted her on Temaril-P yesterday, and I’m already seeing a
huge improvement. Thankfully, none of the scratching or irritation had
progressed into the yeast / bacterial infections she has had in the past. So
that’s life in the valley . . .


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