Doggy Wading Pool Kathy

Hi Debby,
I had read about using kids’ wading pools for a raised bed vegetable or flower garden.  But with my very brown thumb, I thought it would be fun to work on an even smaller scale, using doggy wading pools.  The apso pack watched with great interest, hoping the pools might be perfect for burying bones.  Instead I am starting carrots, spinach, peppers, and eggplant. Layering all the different soils and compost was a bit like making a lasagna!  Will let you know if the gardens are a success!  Here is a link to the wading pool blog:   After accessing, then click on Wading Pool Gardens.
There have been some gorgeious gardens shared on the blog. Follow the sequence from our seeds to the table!  Thanks to Katy’s encouragement to grow our own vegetables and Vickie’s suggested dinner menu…enjoy the cyber feast! 
Doggy wading pools have made fantastic raised garden beds…easy to water, weed, and harvest!
The spinach not only makes delicious salads, but Vickie suggested quesadillas made from spinach, chicken, mushrooms and cheese!  Home grown carrots, peppers and tomatoes up next!

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