Happy Birthday Raji and Irdhi

Today Raji and Irdhi  – Didi – are 15 years old. Susan says Raji shows no signs of being any more than a puppy. Her littersister Irdhi is alive and well. According to my records there were two other full siblings, but I don’t know if they were littermates. Dharmapala Namgay and Dharmapala Tchang. Tchang was the sire of my Drepung, Nyalu and Panchen.

Here’s Raji…


 And Irdhi…


Well, this was a scheduled blog entry. Unfortunately the following was yesterday:

The vet thinks Raji is having a cervical disk issue.
She is doing blood work and taking some cervical X-rays.
I will pick her up tonight, and unless the X-ray shows something else
(tumor??), we will put her on heavy pain meds and strict confinement for
a week or so to see if we can get her better.

A A R G H…..What a way to spend your 15th birthday….


One Comment on “Happy Birthday Raji and Irdhi”

  1. SusanM says:

    Good Morning. Raji’s X-rays showed nothing “else”, so we are treating her for IVD (intervertebral disc disease). Treatment just means keeping her pain free and quiet for … a long time. She got a Fentanyl patch at the vet’s office; she’s also getting Dermaxx. Once the patch kicked in sometime last night, she slept. She is gonna be pretty drugged up for a while. She slept on the bed with us; me with her leash tied around my wrist so I would know if/as/when she needed to go out, which she did just once. Now she’s fretting a bit about being confined to our makeshift crate behind my armchair. I’ve got to get back in there to keep her company.

    Everyone do as Peter Pan urges the children and “Think Lovely Thoughts”….

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