Faye sent…Champion Stewie

Well guys he did it!!

Introducing can. Ch. TillaRox Victory is Mine (aka Stewie).  He is out of Can. Ch. Palasa Desiderata Sonam (Sam) and Can. Ch. TillaRox Men Prefer Blondes (Dizzy)
Finished on June 6th in less than 6 weekends of showing.  He wasn’t a big fan when we started this then all of a sudden a light bulb came on he he decided he really likes showing (the silly fool)  I think I’m going to put him away for the rest of the year and grow some hair on him then special him selectively next year – there’s no sense even trying this year with his uncle being the #1 dog in the country right now.  But I think I will enter him locally this fall just to remind him what he’s doing so we both don’t get rusty.  Cole is probably not going to be shown – she just doesn’t like to be in the ring but that is fine with me – I think he and I will have some fun when he grows up – still a baby he’s only 18 months old and still a goofy kid.  It’s been a while since I had an easy dog to show and he makes it so easy and fun again – his dad was not fun to show and I was quite happy to clipper him down.  He’s also the first dog I’ve ever had that forces me to actually run with him to keep up with his pace – normally I can walk fast enough with them to not worry not with this boy it’s a very brisk trot to keep up with him.
Talk to you all later
Congrats Faye!

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