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index_r02_c12Debby:  I couldn’t figure out how to just post a Veterinary Care post to your blog. I came across Dr. Gloria Dodd’s website…She lives up here in Sea Ranch and she is amazing resource. She writes that in her opinion and years of research that head trauma is a major reason for why animals are so sick for so much of their lives…She went to UCDavis Vet school in the 60’s and studied alternative medicine…She is trying to help me with a foster deaf lhasa and shih tzu I have with me who have been very sick for the month I have had them..Her web site is www.holisticvetpetcare.comand it is full of information. There is an article on head trauma and the homeopathic medicines that she recommends and that she created. You have to be patient because there is so much material. But I believe it could help lots of your readers whose dogs have chronic ailments like skin issues esp. as they are related to vaccinosis…etc.
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9 Comments on “Gail sent…Dr. Gloria Dodd”

  1. Susan M says:

    I find the polarization of conversations by the use of such terminology as “alternative” to be counterproductive. It’s sad that we and ours pets so often get put into the position of dealing with our health and diseases in an either or fashion. I distrust the conventional and the alternative ends of the spectrum equally. They have a tendency to be more invested in their opposition to the wrongs of the other camp than in realities that both of them have contributions to make.

    End of rant

  2. Excellent rant, Susan! I’m fortunate that my Western medicine vet will offer “holistic/alternative” suggestions if she feels it apropriate. Both boys have been treated by chiropractic vet with amazing results.

  3. gail duboe says:

    OK just say complimentary medicine…The point is she has seen so many sick animals in her practice of many years and has gone into depth in the research of what the reasons are and what to do about the chronic diseases that are plaguing animals and humans e.g. because of the overuse of vaccines and antibiotics…for one.. I thought she was just an awesome resource. Just look at what she has to say. Thank you for posting this…

  4. gail duboe says:

    Rabies vaccine of any kind has been absolutely devastating, ranging from paralysis to deranged Central Nervous System symptoms. Some animals would chase imaginary objects in the air, snapping their jaws rythmatically in the air at nothing, or suddenly a loving animal has a personality change to a snarling beast and attacks members of the household. With EAV I found ALL readings of the organ systems and nervous system would not return to normal until all of the rabies vaccinations in that animal were removed.

    I have found Rabies, Canine Distemper, and Aluminum (both as part of the vaccine ingredient, but as a pollutant in the food chain and water) to be a causative factor of skin problems, endocrine and digestion deficiencies, allergies, toxicities of the liver, kidney and heart with resulting failure of these organs. I have found cysts and tumors produced in the ovary and pancreas with resulting extreme abdominal pain and insulin coma in the latter. This widespread involvement of the body’s pathology is not surprising since all three go to the brain and nervous system that touches every organ in the body.

    I have written an entire newsletter on “Vaccinosis”. This happens in animals, and infants too. Our government has a secret fund to pay off litigation from parents whose children were killed or maimed by vaccination. The government had paid out 522 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money by Feb. 3, 1995 and estimates for future liability in the billions. You can read about this at Also 20 Reasons Not To Take The Smallpox Vaccination. These exerpts from her writing on vaccinosis..I know it has been discussed by this group many times before…She has many nosodes to eliminate the effects of vaccines and antibiotics and pesticides out of the body….and if you see one older dog after another who has been neglected or abused, you will see these effects over and over again…in the skin, eyes, ears, or their behavior, for example…

  5. Susan M says:

    Oops…..Gail, I did not mean to stomp on anyone’s toes, and it would be mean spirited of me to suggest that anyone NOT read her information and choose the parts that work for them….just as we all need to do with all of the information that is presented to us. I was definitely taken by her reference to issues of overvaccination, and was reminded of the nasty looks I got last week at the vet’s office when I informed them that although my dogs were “due” for their rabies shots and their bordatella shots, they were NOT getting them….

    I have simply found myself often being stonewalled by people who espouse approaches which do not encompass the best of all modalities.

    I admit that Dodd seems a bit “out there” from my perspective. I admit that I did not (and very likely will not) read her whole body of work, in part because I found it slightly too “out there” for me. On the other hand, I’m the woman who contrary to all my own rational ideas about the world have contacted Linda Thomas — pet communicator — for help with my dogs; I do NOT believe for one second that Linda Thomas can talk to or listen to my dogs from somewhere in the middle of the country, It makes no sense to me; and yet I continue to call her every couple of years for insight into my dogs. Go figger….and after you read this you can just discount every kookie thing I have to say …..

  6. gail duboe says:

    She is out there,I agree…but its for a good reason…and I am becoming more and more of a believer…and getting out there too because our little world is getting pretty difficult..and what we thought works, doesn’t, in the long run…..I totally believe we communicate with our pets in ways we never thought we could….Look at all those books on that subject that are out there now…My 17 and a half year old shih tzu finally passed away a month ago. Two weeks ago I saw on Petfinder a 17 yr old female shih tzu who was languishing in the Oakland SPCA…I said, gotta get her outta there…no 17 yr old should be sitting in the SPCA….She is a feisty, spunky little tzu who is the spitting image of my old dog….talk about destiny and reincarnation….Her habits are just the same as his…It is amazing to me….Anyway, I am a believer….go figure that one!!!!!!! People will learn what is good for them and their animals….NO vaccines for older dogs….(and of course, they are rethinking the practice of how much on the younger dogs also!!!) The vet clinics know better now!!!! You absolutely need to insist on it!!! ok rant done….

  7. Just ran across this today when looking for something else. Just wanted to thank you for supporting me and my work. Sincerely, Gloria Dodd DVM

  8. open minded but skeptical says:

    I’d be curious to know if anyone has specific cases that Gloria Dodd has written? I am finding nothing to validate if her methods work (not even custom feedback, aside from “she’s great” or “check her out”). Gale in the comments alluded to the fact that she has many resources available, however I have yet to find any.

    I find it hard to believe some of these folks when upon contacting them, they IMMEDIATELY request up front a large sum of money with little or no claims, readings, posts, case studies, etc. to back it up. Are they to be taken seriously?

  9. Gail D. says:

    Did you select “Disease and Medicine” under Home on her site and look up any of the topics? She will give you lots of information as to how to think about the topic for example, Allergies and Skin Problems in Dogs…Rather than just unthinkingly administering an antibiotic, we have to get to the root of the problem, just like when we have imbalances in our bodies…not just throw a drug at the problem…Complementary medicine is to be taken VERY seriously…Every kind of medicine has its place…has its strengths and its weaknesses…We need to figure out what works and use it appropriately.

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