Tibetan Breeds Symposium

One never knows what life will present. Or what new paths might come along the way. The following arrived via ALAConline Saturday evening.

Early plans of a Tibetan Breeds Symposium

 a very important message to the whole membership, there is a Tibetan Biology professor at Columbia who is interested in Tibetan breeds, and specifically in the Lhasa Apso.  He and his friend who works for an NGO in Tibet, want to have a symposium on the Lhasa Apso, preferably in conjunction with ALAC, but if not, independently.  They would bring Tibetan experts on the breed together with American experts for an all day symposium at the Tibetan Library in Manhattan.  The tentative plans are for the following:
1. Tibetan Expert:  History and mythology of the breed in Tibet.
2. US Expert: History of the breed in the West
3. US Expert: The breed from the Western perspective
4. Tibetan Expert: The breed from the Tibetan perspective
5. Global conservation of the breed / biodiversity/ geopolitical aspects lunch
6. Presentation of live dogs each to be critiqued first by US experts, then by Tibetan experts
7. Public discussion
We (my friends, Enrico DelAngelo and Tenzing Norbu and I ) would like to invite the AKC to participate, and Debby R. with the Gompa dogs, as well as encouraging any judges that are interested in the breed to attend. The plans are for early 2010.  These are only tentative plans, but this will be done under the auspices of a very powerful Foundation (one of George Surous’s) which can bring people from Tibet, and furnish all audio-visual assets we need, and provide a very nice venue as well.  Transltors will be on hand – both Tenzing and Enrico speak both Tibetan and English – (Actually Tenzing is better at English than Enrico is). More details to follow later. Cathy Marley.


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