Kathy on…Beloved Dog Toys…

Serendipity. Synchronicity. Or as Kathy mentions, ironic. As you’ll see in the following, Kathy shared Beloved Dog Toys a few days ago. The blog entry was waiting for me this morning. But! Last night Kathy wanted me to Check It Out! If I hadn’t been to Katy’s blog….Ironic. Synchronicity. Serendipity. Whatever, Check It Out!
Hi Debby,
How ironic you blogged on toys this morning!  Over the weekend, I discovered this artist and her dog portraits.  http://www.ipaintyourpet.net/   Am positively moved to laughter by this tough looking guy with his sweet Ernie chew toy.  Have been photographing our dogs fav toys.  The toys are literally loved to pieces, limp, scrunched and gnarly looking.  I think it was Bark who ran a series of best loved toys…sweet and poignant.
This was Tess’s toy duck, now retired and loved to it’s last quack.
and this was taken at Debby’s…
Anyone else have any favorite dog toy stories? Or photos?

One Comment on “Kathy on…Beloved Dog Toys…”

  1. Kathy says:

    See The Gallery: Champion FFT Kisses of Fire
    Dante with his frog

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