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Weekly Update from Dogwise: Introducing Our Book of the Week Program
Dear Debby Rothman,


The marketing gurus here at Dogwise have come up with a great new program to help spice things up and give you the opportunity to save money on books – both new and old – that we think are especially good. Here’s how it will work. Each Wednesday afternoon – the day we send out the weekly email – we will select a book of the week and offer special savings on it until the following week when a new book of the week will be selected. So you will have an entire week to take advantage of the offer. Some times we might select a DVD or a dog product, so technically it will not always be the “book” of the week. And sometimes we might include several books from one author – sounds like what trainers call variable and unpredictable reinforcement!

Our first book of the week selection is Nicole Wilde’s Help for Your Fearful Dog. This book – rated five paws by customers – is the most complete work relating to how to deal with what is one of the most common and potentially dangerous canine behavior problems. Whether you own a fearful dog or are a trainer who deals with clients with dogs with this problem, this book will help you build your understanding of why fear is so common among dogs and how to treat it. Save 20% on this title this week!

New this week is an exciting new title from Anders Hallgren called Mental Activation – Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain and Avoid Boredom. Trainers and behaviorists are increasingly recognizing that activities – be they obedience skills or tricks – are incredibly beneficial for dogs. Please note that along with Play Time For Your Dog and Trick School For Dogs, which we have recently featured in the weekly update, all three of these titles come from a German publisher of dog books that depends on a US distributor (not us!) who is still working out the supply and inventory kinks on these titles. In other words, we keep wiping out their supply and they are slow to get replacements from Europe. So be aware that we might run out of any of all of these titles from time to time, but be assured we will get them to you and apologize in advance for any delays.

Reminder – Gail Fisher, author of The Thinking Dog is currently on the Dogwise Forums to discuss and answer questions about her best sellling book.

Thanks from all of us at Dogwise.

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One Comment on “Book of the Week Program…from Dogwise”

  1. Susan M says:

    I just put this first book (Help for your Fearful Dog) on request at the local library. Seems pretty appropriate to what I’ve just been wondering about with Ponya….excellent.

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