Julie sent…an update on Percy

Hi Julie,
Just an update on Percy (Percival).  He had no reactions from his shot and did very well at the vet’s.  He is now sleeping back downstairs in his large wire crate instead of in the small crate by our bed.  I’m going to experiment with letting him sleep in our bed tonight since he pretty much consistently “holds it” through the night and I wake up before he does (and he is much cleaner with his short hair). Last week, he graduated to the outdoor kennel during the day with our lab and loves it.  Every chance he gets, he runs to the outdoor kennel and paws to get in.  They are quite the pair.
I broke down and had his hair cut for the first time today.  Between the outdoor kennel and the walks around the lakes, his long puppy coat was trapping too much dirt.  I guess we don’t have a good lifestyle for keeping a Lhasa in a longer coat as I had planned.  Here are some pics I took today when I got him home from the groomer.  My groomer said he did pretty well (but just didn’t want to stand up on the table).  I think he looks pretty darn cute and he’ll be much easier to keep clean this way. 
He’s on the Wellness food now, but on this food his poops are a lot bigger and are the texture and color of peanut butter.  I’m going to get through the bag and see if it changes.  If not, I’ll experiment with something else.
He is so friendly and outgoing and seems to especially like kids.  Honestly, when he sees kids, he just lights up like a Christmas tree and wants to run into the midst of them, even with all the poking and grabbing that kids do.  He just loves all people and loves to be held (total opposite of our last Lhasa but a very welcome change) – and everybody loves him back.  His favorite toy is a big, stuffed, pink pig that is as big as he is.  He carries it around the house and sleeps with it at night.  Actually, the pig probably comes second to our cat, “Chubby” – Chubby is definitely his favorite play thing.
I guess that’s about it for now.
— Jane —

One Comment on “Julie sent…an update on Percy”

  1. Rose says:

    Oh, my, he is so handsome!! and what a great classic name, Percy!! I love the pics.

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