Katy sent…Christian the Lion

 Hi Debby,
I loved the video of the spontaneous dance fest in the Denmark trainstation!  Made me laugh and brought tears of joy!
If you haven’t already seen this video of the reunion between these two young men, who, in 1969 rescued a lion cub from Harrod’s Dept Store, raised him for a year, then contacted George Adamson of Born Free fame, and with his help, returned this zoo-born cub back to the wild.  The first video is the short version on CNN and The View (there’s another one with an interview with the two gentlemen today, who are re-releasing video and a book, but I couldn’t find it), and the second is the longer version (rest of the story) from the Born Free foundation.  This is true “animal communication”, and shows without doubt that animals are certainly capable of sentient actions and feelings. We knew that, already, of course.
Best to you!
This is the video I was looking for initially. It has a recent interview with the two gentlemen (now in their late 50’s or so, around our age, I would guess, or slightly older). 

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