Debby on…old souls

During the seminar presented by breeder/judge Richard Camacho during our Specialty weekend, he emphasized ‘old soul’. The essence of the breed is ‘old soul’. When you look into the eyes of a Lhasa Apso, you should see an ‘old soul’ looking back. Through slides he demonstrated head type, including eye shape and placement. For the hands-on part of the seminar he requested particular Apsos he had judged that day, along with head type ranging from ideal to  ‘cutesy’. The requested dogs were available for participants to examine on tables.

He described both his Winners Dog (Ethan) and his Winners Bitch (Rumor) as ‘old souls’. This has been on my mind. Old soul. Head type representing ‘old soul’. Years ago, when interviewed for a now-defunct Lhasa Apso magazine I mentioned how lucky I was to start with classic type Lhasa Apsos. Old-fashioned, if you will. 🙂 I did not realize the exquisite type for a few years. Learning the intricacies of type requires time and study. Fortunately, I hadn’t ruined the ‘old souls’ before I came to appreciate type! Through several branches of the family tree, both Ethan and Rumor go back to the ‘old souls’ entrusted to me.

Ethan so reminds me of Moose, Ch. Nyima’s Mucho Macho…


Moose was a multiple Best in Show winner. He is a full-brother to one of my foundation stud dogs, Nicki – Ch. Nyima’s A Little Nachas ROM.


Nickie and Moose were younger brothers to Multiple Best in Show Ch. Nyima’s Once A Nites Enuff, better known as Snuffy…


Moose sired my other foundation stud dog, Stuffy – Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM.


Each and every one of these dogs is in the pedigree of Ethan and Rumor.

4 Comments on “Debby on…old souls”

  1. shelley says:

    That’s kind of ironic. Our area group awards ceremony is today and I had planned to go, but couldn’t at the last moment because I have a show opening way too soon (Sweeney Todd). Anyway, Julie asked me what I wanted said about Iris. One of the things I said, was that when I look into her eyes I feel I am looking into an “old soul.”

  2. Kathy B says:

    The Lhasa Apso “old soul” eyes were one of the first things that I noticed about Little One, our first LA. Rose has “old soul” eyes — the picture at her “lifetime companion” link, is a good example.

    Rose also has an “old soul” scent! Her forehead still has a faint nag champa incense scent.

  3. rose says:

    I just love when you go back and show the history of your lhasas and the photos.
    So many have those “deep old soul eyes”. I remember when i first came across you site, the pictures and the eyes were just so intense, but soft and deep. The old banner picture of Sadie was awesome and I most remember looking at the first Gallery page with Rose–i love the picture of her on the beach. FFT lhasas are a class of their own!–plus they all seem to have such sweet lovable personalities.

  4. Julie says:

    These pictures bring back memories and solidify what I like in a lhasa-it hasn’t changed from day 1. Punkin was my first lhasa sired by Nyima’s Hot Stuff Tonite, as a novice I fell in love with this dog in full coat, but more than that “Stuffy” became the dog that I compare all lhasas to in my mind. Talk about a correct head, producing the old soul look!! Look at his picture, he had a topline solid and straight, you could definitely set a glass of wine on his back, and not a drop would spill. Yes, there are things I would of changed about Stuffy but to me he has the look I want to continue. There you go-as a judge you know what to bring me.

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