Debby on…a SNOWY Friday afternoon

Okay. I just have to share! It’s pouring snow!


Click on the photo for a larger version. You can actually see the snow POURING!

Today the dogs have only been outside in the covered runs. Deja vu. I’m reminded of 2003. 8′ of snow. Yep, you read it right. Eight feet. The dogs didn’t get out in the yards for weeks. Heck, the first few days you couldn’t even see the fences. It took weeks before the snow melted low enough to use the outside yards. Didn’t need Apsos Gone Wild!

Eight feet isn’t predicted this time. But, four is a real possibility. Like I wrote earlier, good thing this wasn’t last Friday. Julie, Melissa and I would have had that relaxing weekend, sans dog shows. There’s no way even Rick could have driven her van out of the driveway. We would have been forced to relax, create a dog show of our own. Hummm…the possibilities.

So, it’s nearly Five O’Clock Somewhere. Heck, it’s almost Five O’Clock here. I’ve mixed that Old Fashioned. Look at the colors…beautiful Lhasa Apso coat colors. (And never mind the damn dust!)


5 Comments on “Debby on…a SNOWY Friday afternoon”

  1. Susan M says:

    HA !!!!
    It’s raining flowers here: Lilac is in bloom along with Ranunculus, Squill, Freesias, and even some of the Roses….

    Across the street my new Cambodian neighbors are preparing their 4 acre plot for a weekend of celebration of the Cambodian New Year. This morning I could hear them chanting in the building I think they are going to be turning into a temple of some sort.

    It’s all very auspicious….
    And, although we missed picking her up today, I’m guessing Ponya just needed one last snowstorm under her belt before she came the place about which Luther Burbank had this to say:
    “I firmly believe, from what I have seen,
    that this is the chosen spot of all this earth
    as far as Nature is concerned.”

    Luther Burbank, 1875

  2. While it’s snowing at Debby’s and sprouting flowers at Susan’s, we have at the moment … rain. A sopping wet downpour which is quickly melting the snow that fell earlier in the past 24 hours. I send dogs out to potty and what comes back? A parade of wet string mops! The yard is completely saturated and we have another 12-15 hours or so to go as this slow-moving storm passes.

    Good time for another cocktail! Tanqueray and tonics at my house, lemon *and* lime, please.

  3. Melissa says:

    Wow, Wow and wow, I have to say I am almost sorry we missed it, could have been fun. Alas it was 70 and sunny here today, I even pulled out a bunch of my agility equipment, Suds can play even if Josie is on sabbatical.

  4. Kathy B says:

    In the PNW, we had downpours all morning, then a gloriously sunny spring afternoon. (Rose misses the snow, Debby — every time it snows in the winter, she wants to go out much more frequently, and it’s really difficult to get her back in. She mostly just stands in it and watches it fall while working her nose overtime, but periodically does a mad-dash puppy run through it.)

    I didn’t join you for an old fashioned or a tanqueray and tonic, but my Clois du Bois 2005 Shiraz with lasagna and Italian green beans was divine for dinner!

    Kathy B

  5. Kathy B says:

    The snowy pic is spectacular!

    Rose loves the snow. Whenever we have snow here, she has to go out more frequently, and then she wants to stay out. She usually just stands in the snow, watching it fall and working her nose overtime. Rose hates the rain, and will do just about anything to avoid getting her feet wet — unless it’s with snow.

    I didn’t join the old fashioned / tanqueray and tonic crew, but had a great glass of 2005 Clos du Bois shiraz with dinner.

    Kathy B

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