Kathy on…Cedric

Hi Julie:

Cedric and I are doing well…..wow for energy!!  He has adjusted quite well and we are best buddies forever!!  We went in for his shot last week and we found the all female vet staff here in Maple Grove.  So now we are signing up for puppy classes there.  We went up north for the first time this weekend and he loved it up there….he ran around the yard and got to explore a whole new house!  Traveling is fine as he seems to relax in his kennel.  He does well during the day when I am at work and then it is non-stop when I get home until we go to bed!  He is now on his Wellness diet and he likes that….he weighs 10#!!  Everyone loves him that has met him and he is quite the talk to the town!!!!  I cannot thank you enough for letting me get him…..he is the perfect fit for me.  We have tried walking and he is a quick study!!  I cannot believe how much I needed him in my life.  So I thank you again and we will keep in touch!!

Kathy and Cedric


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