Vickie shared…Dog Gone Pain

21-oc6zj1wl__sl500_aa180_It was first prescribed by my vet when Frankers had his first flare up.  Initial Rx was:  1 whole tab for 2 weeks and then 1/2 tab daily.

Based on how well he’s done the past two weeks, appears he’ll be on it long term.  While he still has times when he gets up slow, he’s again racing around the house and playing with his toys.  And he’s back to stretching himself out … first down in play bow and then the back legs out behind as far as he can go.
Must be nasty-tasting stuff, however.  Even Ali — the dog that eats potting soil — spits it out!!  I mush a bit of cheese around it and then drop it down the back of his throat.
DGP (Dog Gone Pain) … best prices w/shipping …

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