Debby on…late Friday afternoon

Snow! We’ve got snow!


Snow, a big snow, was predicted to start around midnight Wednesday night. Go figure. Zena was scheduled out on a 7:15 AM flight Thursday morning. Wednesday evening’s newcast told of airlines canceling flights in preparation. Seemed like overkill to me. I set the alarm for 3:45AM, a pointless activity since I woke up every 15 minutes not wanting to oversleep. The snow that night, like most snows this winter, was a dusting. The roads were clear. Zena and I made her 5:30AM check-in time. I drove back up the hill, through Bear Creek Canyon, stopping to do an errand in Evergreen. The bank opens at 7AM.  I was home before 8AM. I parked Sleek Sue, poured a cup of coffee, looked out the library window to see snow pouring. Pouring!

Thursday is Show Dog Grooming Day. Thursday is Nail Day (I trade with Jonette). Thursday is Crack The Back Day (apologies to Jason; he prefers the word adjusting – although he loves to hear the Crack!). Just last week Thursday became Margo’s Kindergarten Class day. Thursday isn’t a typical work day, but it’s a very busy day. I looked at that pouring snow and decided Thursday was going to be Snowed In Day. I let my fingers do the walking, cancelling the day’s activities, pretending to be snowed in.

For two days I have been a slob. A snowed in slob. The luxury of it all. I haven’t groomed show dogs. I have a nice area in the basement for grooming. It isn’t as efficient as grooming at the shop, but it’s certainly far more than adequate. My nails themselves need ‘grooming’. Like the dogs, they remain in need. Margo is a truant. Her lessons undone. I don’t care! I’ve been snowed in! A snowed in slob.

Snow! A Snow Day! Or two! Snowed in! Ah. The luxury of it all!

4 Comments on “Debby on…late Friday afternoon”

  1. Susan M says:

    Amazing !!!! This is the time of year when the difference in the seasons in different parts of the country truly knocks me out. We’ve been having 70 degree afternoons, gardening in sleeveless shirts, sunblock, and the roses are starting to bloom. All of the garden centers are pushing their pots of tomatoes even though technically our frost date isn’t for another few weeks, but….we are all pretending we believe it won’t frost again. It may; it may not; but right now it is absolutely glorious S P R I N G in Santy Rosy….oh yeah, allergies and all…..sniff….

  2. Susan M says:

    Ah, and here’s what it looks like

    even though that picture comes from David L, who is my next favorite blogger, and who is in Paris….

  3. katy says:

    That’s just not fair!

  4. Christi says:

    As much as I’m yearning for the warmth of spring and summer, you just gotta love those “snowed in” days.

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