Stretch Your Dog

dn304_bDogwise Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog – A Physical Therapy Approach by Sasha and Ashley Foster. As people have become more aware of the means by which they can keep their dogs healthy and active for longer periods of time, there has been an increased interest in hands-on techniques like massage, T-Touch, even chiropractic manipulations for dogs. One related subject that has not been focused on as much is stretching. Stretching can be very beneficial to dogs (not to mention humans!), however, it is critical that you use proper techniques and adjust them for the particular needs of your dog (age, size, natural flexibility, activities engaged in). Utilizing the latest research and physical therapy techniques, Ashley and Sasha have put together everything you need to know to stretch your dog in a way to maximize its benefits and avoid potential problems. The book contains dozens of detailed diagrams and photos to illustrate the stretching techniques and includes cautions where stretching is not advised or in cases where a vet should be consulted. Whether your dog is an elite canine athlete or an aging couch potato, your dog can benefit from regular stretching routines and both of you can benefit from the closer bond between you that will result.

One Comment on “Stretch Your Dog”

  1. I heard about this book Wednesday night at conformation class. The instructor is none other than … Ashley Foster!

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