Katy on…dog tags

Also, we have probably purchased at least six of those aluminum ID dog tags from Pet’s Mart or the Doggy Health Food Store  at about $6 each  in the last 2-3 years. They just don’t last and the info becomes blurred, and is hard to read, anyway.  Plus you just can’t put much on them.  We found a better product!  www.BoomerangTags.com has a large variety of deeply etched  stainless steel and plastic tags that are guaranteed for ten years.  We bought  stainless steel, 1″ round tags for the  Apsos, and they are indeed easy to read, and etched on both sides.  On one side I have their name, our name, address, phone # , town and state.  On the other side it says “IF I’M OUT, I’M LOST” , our Cell phone # and REWARD.  I paid $29. for the three tags, postage paid. 


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