Puppies doing great in new homes

Just heard from Rod:

Karma and Dawa are doing great, he loves playing with her and it does not seem like he is being to rough.  She will charge across the room towards him at full speed and he just jumps into the air and then chases her, so all is going well with them.  It is fun to just watch them in their antics!  She is going to school with him today; so we will see how well he remembers his commands with her present.  Great seeing you again, take care.

 Karma and Dawa

See Dawa’s page.

Julie got this regarding Kenzie:

The puppy loves it outside. Her favorite thing is to chase the dead leaves, which is even more fun if the wind is blowing. We have gone 3 days without any indoors accidents.  In fact, the night before last she went to the back door and whined at it–pretty good. The nights are getting better.  She only whines when she needs to go out and immediately after we put her back in the crate. We have chew toys, but she is still looking to gnaw on furniture and our fingers.  She is scolded whenever we catch her at it, but I am not crazy about all the biting of feet when we walk.
Can already see how much we will miss her when we are in Hawaii!
See Kenzie’s page.

One Comment on “Puppies doing great in new homes”

  1. shelley says:

    if there is anything in the world cuter than a lhasa pup i would like to know what it is

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