Dawa goes home

Once again, the hand-off happened in the Park-n-Ride lot. Seems a bit clandestine… Karma is quite stunning with scattered black tipping on pale silver gold hair. His head type classic. Best of all, he recognized me! And was happy to see me. Often dogs that formerly lived with me will acknowledge me, pay respect. But, then it’s as if they’re thinking Wait! I’d rather stay with this person! I honor that.

I enjoyed talking with Rob, hearing about Karma, his lifestyle and what he’s learned. Can’t wait to hear about the antics of Dawa and Karma, along with photos. Here’s hoping last night – Dawa’s first night away from her birthplace…can I really use that word…she came into this world one glorious moonlit night at Animal ER. How ’bout her first night away from her sister and extended pack.


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