Faye’s Lennie

Remember late last year when Faye sat at home during Canada’s Thanksgiving, waiting for someone that never showed up to look at Lennie? Rude was the appropriate word for that instance. But, as with most things in life, things sort themselves out…usually better than imagined. Looks like that’s the case with Lennie.

Faye shared:

This lovely lady and her husband drove 9 hours to pick up Lennie in Calgary this weekend.  Lennie reminds me very much of MB’s Riley but not quite as bad – she is timid, very shy and startles easily but her inate curiousity will overcome most things except for her shyness of strangers.  When we met Saturday morning we sat in the hotel lobby in Calgary for 2 hours just visiting – Lennie hung out on my lap or at me feet and showed no real interest in Kathy at all.  As time drew to close – they had a long drive ahead and I had grooming to do – Kathy picked Lennie up and while I could tell she was not pleased about it she did not do the typical OMG get away from me lean that she does when anybody else picks her up.  I am sure the other dogs in her house will help her to settle in also.
From Kathy to Faye (not our Kathy, but hopefully this Kathy will join us and become our Canadian Kathy!):

Faye: How did you come out on the dog show? Wish I could have stayed.Here are a couple pictures of Lennie. I am really enjoying her.The picture of me holding her in the chair was Sun at about 11:00 am. She decided it was ok to get on my lap Then my black one decided that she needed up too! She hasn’t warmed up yet as well to my husband or son. She stays close by me and comes for hugs and kisses now! I have been taking her for walks with the other dogs without the leash . You have her trained really well. She always follows and stays really close. Today she enjoyed a run in the snow with the other dogs. She really got excited! Each day she is showing more spunk and warming up more. So I think she will be fine. She is just a reserved little girl. I will schedule her surgery in the next couple of weeks on one of my long stretches off. I will keep you posted how she is doing. I was really nice meeting you also. Kathy




2 Comments on “Faye’s Lennie”

  1. Faye says:

    And it gets better – Lennie and Kathy have bonded. Lennie is her shadow – likes to sit with her back beside Kathy and have her belly rubbed. She is also turning in to the alpha dog in the house over the Tzu and the Tzu/Lhasa mix, she’s playing with the other girls and exploring more. She gets spayed this week. I am so glad I waited – patience pays off even when it means holding on to dogs longer than what I like.

  2. Kathy says:

    And yes I am glad that I found Lennie! I just found this posting and had to comment. Lennie is still a gem! Never have had to use a leash, stays right with me wherever we go She backs off and lets me out the door first.!!. I do all her grooming. I don’t want anyone else handling her. She has been very patient with me. She has bonded really well with all my family.

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