Doggy Valentines

Kathy sent…
And what does your Valentine say??

Mine says:  Give me a smooch, you sweet old pooch!
Okay, I know this is a little over the top!  But what better way to celebrate our beautiful dogs on Valentine’s Day!
Take one can of Crescent Rolls.  Unroll one triangle.  And with a sharp knife do a simple cut-out of the ALAC logo dog.  Then make several skinny, noodles with the remaining triangle and drape them across the body of the dog.  Don’t forget the tail!  Bake at 375 degrees, according to the directions on the can.  You can even achieve color variations by how long you bake the edible pack!!  For their eyes, I simply used part of a chocolate chip.  But you could use icing or a cut raisin.  Just have fun!  Accessorize!  They are Apso-lutely Delicious!!  Please share your “kennel” photos!!

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