Puppy Protection Bill introduced in Colorado

Another serious post., a mix of correspondence received in the past several days. Again, no graphics. At least it’s colorful as I try to acknowledge each person’s input. It’s important to hobby breeders and ‘trickling down’, important to purebred dog owners. Please educate yourself and use your voice in our democracy!

Slowly, slowly, around the country hobby breeders continue to lose rights. Colorado Representative McCann has introduce a bill to Colorado’s legislature. And Lawmakers Trying To Eliminate Puppy Mills.

Kathy wonders…

Re:  aforementioned Dog Bill …isn’t this just more tampering by the 
govt. into responsible/caring breeders’ lives and is it a forerunner 
to the CA law that wanted all dogs/cats to be neutered or have special 
permits??  Puppy mills are horrible but I thought they were subject to 
the laws enforced by the Humane Society?


From Vickie…

 As you may or may not be aware, CO House of Representative Members Randy Fisher and Elizabeth McCann have sponsored a bill that would limit the amount of dogs one could keep and breed.  While the number — 25 — doesn’t affect most of us, once this legislation is passed, it can be modified with no further input from the state’s constituents. 

Please take a moment to read the action alert at this link … HB 1172 Action Alert … as it contains information on the bill and the ramifications should it be passed.  Towards the end of the article, there is a link entitled “TAKING ACTION” which opens up a form that can be used to contact your representative.  The form also contains pre-written paragraphs which can be added to the letter (just click on the red arrow) and there is room to add your own thoughts/opinion.  When completed, it can either be emailed or printed out and send by snail mail (preferred method … we need to flood them with paper).
The animal rights movement is here in Colorado and working to erode your rights as a pet owner (whether you breed or not).  It is imperative that we unite and make our voices heard.
Please forward to all your dog folk and ask them to oppose this legislation as well.

As representative to CFDC for the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado, I received this:

The Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs wants you to be aware of a bill going through the Colorado House. We are very much against it. Find out why….


More food for thought… Vickie points out Lhasa Apsos are on the Decline a whopping 80% in the past decade, according to AKC.

As Faye points out, Canada isn’t immune either!

Pardon the mass sending but this is too important to miss.  To think that we are so close yet still so far away…..
Follow the link – http://wagthedog.blogware.com/blog
Ontario dog owners (and in essence the rest of us) are in the fight for their lives – I’ve sent my donation – can you afford not to send yours?

4 Comments on “Puppy Protection Bill introduced in Colorado”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    What perfect timing! I’ve started scheduling blog entries ahead, to post one per day. This is efficient for me. And I thought it would be fun to wake up every morning and be (sorta) surprised. 🙂 I could read the entry fresh and then comment like the rest of you.

    There’s more I want to say about today and yesterday’s entries, but for now…Score one for the dog fancy!!! FYI, the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado is a member of the Colorado Dog Clubs Federation. Here’s what was waiting in my inbox:

    To All,

    Wanted all to know that thru the hard work of the Federation and the dog
    community, we got this bill defeated!!! A lot of dedicated people were at
    the capitol for 5 to 6 hours. A lot of good testimony and a huge thanks has
    to go to Janet Stephens, our Federation lobbyist, for all the behind scenes
    work and to Linda Hart for all the legwork. A true measure of all of us
    working together for a great cause.


  2. Faye says:

    What is most amazing about the Ontario Law – is that Canadians and others from around the globe contibuted over $87 000 since mid-January to take our battle to the Supreme Court. In total Canadian Dog owners have contributed close to 1 Million dollars for this cause. Hopefully the recent recommendation in the UK to lift breed bans as well as some of the EU countries will work in our favour.

  3. Rep Marostica’s office left a message on my answering machine today saying the bill had been defeated. They went on to say that a great deal input (mail, email) had been received and, after review, decided support for HB 1172 would not be forthcoming.

    Score one for the underdog … err … dog!!

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