Saturday night, coming home from dinner at the Kitchen Upstairs in Boulder, we drove by Golden. One of my all-time favorite dogs lived most of his life in Golden. Toby was a handsome brown Tibetan Terrier. I groomed him every two weeks. He grew to be old, but not old enough. Thinking of him I got teary-eyed. It was dark, so I was surprised when Rick asked me why. I wondered how he knew. He said tears glisten in the dark! I may have done a post about Toby and yarn… I have a heart-shaped bookmark made from Toby’s hair.

Soon I get to meet Monte. Here’s what Linda shared: 

Hi Debby,  I wanted to let you know I found a Wonderful TT – He is from the same Breeder that I got Toby from – Toby’s Niece Pemba was the Mom!  Daddy was Vinci – a TT from Italy.  There just happened to be an available baby – and I decided to go ahead and take him
I named him Malishar Kawagebo White Snow Mountain – Monte.  I would love for you to meet him and discuss grooming.  I am going to Show him – or should I say someone is going to show him. 



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