Julie on…Knowledge, Hard Work and Good Friends…

eukawardsrsKnowledge, Hard work and Good Friends……

That is what it took to win at the Eukanuba. I knew I had a good dog in Fernando when I entered the show. Years learning and showing has taught me what is correct in a lhasa and Fernando is one of the best lhasas I’ve ever seen. I worked hard, grooming, conditioning and training Fernando. Hours spent drying that abundant coat when I would of rather been doing something else. On Saturday, December 12th when I entered that enourmous arena in L.A. you were all there with me. Every good thought, every prayer, all your wishes, all your fingers crossed walked inside the ring with me. How could Fernando and I lose when I had the support of so many good friends! I know that you are what gave us the edge to win that day, to fulfill a dream of mine-Thank you.

I hope all you will watch be able to watch groups from the Eukanuba Dog Show this Saturday evening, January 31, on either the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, 8PM Eastern Time. Just to give some of you that don’t show dogs what a huge deal it was to win breed at that level of competition. I was asked as I was sitting at the airport to fly back home if I was happy “JUST” to win the breed. Of course, I would of liked to have placed in the groups, I’m a competitor at heart. But was I happy to “just” win the breed—Hell, I was ecstatic, over moon, higher than a kite, my feet were not touching the floor. Yeah, you could say I was happy.


2 Comments on “Julie on…Knowledge, Hard Work and Good Friends…”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    For those of you without access to cable or satellite, parts of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship can be viewed online at the AKC website. Fernando and Julie can be viewed by clicked Video Coverage; then BE Non-Sporting Group.

    I can’t wait to hear what Edd Biven has to say about the Lhasa Apso! He’s the commentator and an expert in our breed. As a very young man, he worked for Maxine Beam while she was showing the great Champion Licos Kula La. Many judges do a fine job, but Mr. Biven is… a connoisseur of the breed. Julie had to fill out an information form about Fernando. It will be fun to see what, if anything, from that Mr. Biven used.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Fernando looked really nice moving. I’m disappointed Edd Biven wasn’t doing commentary for the Non-Sporting Group. ??? Maybe I missed something. Rick recorded it because we met Nate and Kelly for dinner last night. I suppose it was nice they talked about breeder/owners while Fernando was gaiting.

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