:Debby on…the Redd and Fernando Lhasa Apso puppies

Remember this face?


Handled by owner Pauline, here’s that pretty face dressed for the show ring…


Redd’s official name is Champion Mi-Tex U.P.s Lights Up Redd.

Remember this dog?


That’s BIS, Multiple BISS, Ch. FFT Fernando.

Fernando’s first litter, out of Redd, was born in Michigan…


Conceived in Minnesota, born in Michigan, these Lhasa Apso puppies represent the best in dog show people. After Genevieve (Fernando x C’est La Vie) met her untimely death, Pauline stepped forward with a heartfelt, generous offer. Redd, like C’est La Vie, is also a Connor daughter. If we wanted to breed Fernando to Redd, we could. She’d add both Julie and me to Redd’s ownership, so all of us would be Breeders of Record. We accepted. The result; 5 puppies – 3 males and 2 females. Julie tells me Pauline is falling for one of the males. I suspect we’ll take a female. We can show her in the Bred-By class. Along with Pauline’s kennel name, she’ll carry our kennel name, which is befitting. Although Redd’s dam goes back to the Trujillo’s Reddy, she is sired by Connor. And her puppies are sired by Fernando. What a special, fun composition of people, dogs and good faith.

Here’s to ya Pauline!!

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