:Debby on…lotions and potions

I’m a bath person.  My family knows this. Most of my friends know this. My mom knew this. She made this counted cross-stitch piece for me…


This holiday season almost every gift I received was oriented around the bath. My niece Heather gave me a soapstone essential oil burner. She’s a bath person. Her sister Emilie gave me candles to burn. I take my bath in the dark, always burning at least one candle.


Kelly, my future daughter-in-law (!!!) gave me stress relief bath products…


Eucalyptus essential oil in the salts, the bubble bath and the scrub. I love eucalyptus in the tub. Kelly’s a bath person too.

Ginny, professing to need something heavy in the package with the Best In Snow socks, gave me bath products. Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton – body splash, bubble bath and body cream. She knows I’m a bath person.

I don’t know if my clients were trying to tell me I smell like a dog, but I received potions and lotions…
Crabree & Evelyn Aloe Vera body wash and body lotion.
Black Cherry Plum soap and body butter.
Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel, body cream, hand cream and body lotion.
Avon Moisture Therapy body lotion, hand cream and Footworks heel cream.

My sister Lori has a nightly bath ritual. When she and Ron renovated the farmhouse one bedroom was turned into a large bathroom. The photo doesn’t show it, but imagine further down each wall a large window overlooking the countryside.


I take a bath every night too. Not right before bed like Lori, but right after finishing the day’s work, right before dinner. On Sunday afternoons, especially in the winter, I treat myself to an afternoon bath. Often with a glass of wine. Ah! Luxury! The decadence!

Here’s to the Ladies That Bath!


3 Comments on “:Debby on…lotions and potions”

  1. shelley says:

    i always bathe…even before leaving for school in the am. it is hard to leave the warmth of the womb. it was while bathing that i discovered sound travels more easily when one is submerged. i thought it was totally a zen thing, but it turns out to be physics.

  2. Totally the opposite … gimme a shower so I can get done and get going (never mind that what I wash off the top ends up yon and hither).

    Perhaps a glass of wine would float it easier …

  3. Christi says:

    Sounds wonderful and relaxing!!! but I’ll take a nice hot shower any day over a bath. Our master bath doesn’t have a door separating it from the bedroom so a relaxing bath turns cold in a matter of minutes, burrr.

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