:Julie on…heading for LA!!

Heading for LA!!
Tomorrow Fernando and I fly out to LA for the Eukanuba National.  This is a show where the top dogs are invited to show and 1 of the only shows that offers cash for prizes.  Best in Show will win $50,000!!!  The decision to attend this show did not come easy, as my friends who have had to listen to me debate my chances against my financial situation can attest to.  It came down to that Fernando and I at least deserve to give it a shot!! Fernando has proven himself as a top winning Lhasa from the first time he entered the ring at 7 months old and won a 5point major.  This past summer he was not having a lot of fun showing and I was about to make the decision to retire him but in the last 3 shows  Fernando has turned around and has been showing awesome.  If he can show as well at the Eukanuba as he did at these shows I will be proud of him. I’d appreciate any positive thoughts you can send my way on Saturday, Fernando and I should walk into the ring around 2:30 California time. Even after all this time I still get nervous!!!

10 Comments on “:Julie on…heading for LA!!”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    Nate will be just down the road. The Mines swim team is competing in the second most important meet of their season. If I Were A Rich Man I could have watched – live! – two of my favorite people compete in my two favorite sports!

  2. Christi says:

    Best of luck Julie and Fernando. We’ll keep the positive thoughts going your way.

  3. Wishing you safe travels, Julie … and will anxiously be awaiting word on Saturday. Fernando — knock their socks off!

  4. Kelly says:

    Best of luck Julie and of course Fernando!!!
    I have a good friend that will be there with her Vizsla Flirt. How cool to think maybe two dogs I know will be in for BIS:) Fernando would knock Flirt’s socks off!
    I’m just happy to of read he is back in the ring and liking it, he is soooo handsome!

  5. Ginny says:

    You go girl and bring home a BIS !!! I’ll certainly be thinking about you at 2:30 PST.Fernando is such a great dog and I’m delighted you are there to show him off !! Good luck !!

  6. shelley says:

    Dear Fernando,
    After having lived with you for the firtht three month of my life, I know you are the bestht, isthide and out. We are pulling for you and watching the clock!
    Irith and all at Pondulac

  7. Judy Gregurich says:

    Congratulations to Fernando! And to Julie for having patience during his ‘dog days’ of summer.
    Everyone is cheering for you.

  8. Newsflash since Debby isn’t at her computer …
    And the winners are:

    CH FFT Fernando/Julie Timbers: Best of Breed and Best BBE Wooooohoooooooo!!!

    CH Northwind Nothing but Trouble: Best of Opposite Sex

    Shirley Clark picked up an Award of Merit with Paris (one of two merit awards given)

    Groups start at 1:45 PST, with the Non-Sporting being 4th in the line-up.

    Congrats to Julie and Fernando!!!

  9. Katy says:

    Hooray! Yay! And Whooooohoooo, tooo! Still sending those positive and winning thoughts your way, Fernando and Julie!

  10. Kelly says:

    I agree with the horray! Yay! And Whooooohoooo plus a YIPPEE! Wishing Fernando and Julie the best of luck in the group!

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