:Debby on..Twice baked sweet potatoes…

Have the rest of you recovered from the holiday feast?

It snowed last night. This morning Rick and I are meeting the rest of the family at the Cherokee Ranch Castle for a tour. Planned for Rocky’s visit, we’ve had tickets for weeks. Rocky came out early. He thought the world of Jeff.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people. We toasted family. We toasted Jeff. Nate and Kelly – along with their dogs Buckley and Chuck – slept over Thanksgiving night. Hectic, it all was! Ya gotta love family! And ya gotta love friends!

Carol. Among many people I’m thankful for is Carol. Dan, Jeff’s friend and co-worker, spoke about the ease of working with Jeff. He said they could work comfortably side-by-side for hours, not having the need to speak. He told of knowing which tool Jeff was looking for, seeing Jeff look towards the ground. Sometimes Dan would hand Jeff that tool. Jeff asked how he knew. Dan told him, “because I’m good.” That’s what it’s like to work with Carol. Toni once said it was like watching a ballet. We anticipate each other’s moves.

Carol knows I don’t cook. Carol reads cookbooks for entertainment. She cooks. She bakes. She suggested my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast. Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes. Read the last line of the recipe.


A few minutes after Dan’s response, Jeff replied, “if you were really good, I wouldn’t have to look at the floor.” 🙂 Maybe if they’d had the chance to work together more years, 18 years like Carol and I, that could have happened.

The recipe turned out great, converting one non-sweet potato relative. I sugared the nuts myself. I did everything myself. I didn’t have to follow the last step.

One Comment on “:Debby on..Twice baked sweet potatoes…”

  1. shelley says:

    my sweet potatoes were a bust…thanks for the recipe!

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