: Irith Monroe

Officially Ch. Timbers’ For Your Eyes Only. AKA Irith Monroe. Okay, Shellie…do tell!

2 Comments on “: Irith Monroe”

  1. shelley says:

    We were going to with Garbo, but she is so much more glamorous than that…we were afraid that Julie would notice the piece of hair out of place…our bad. She is a beauty queen extraordinaire and the apple of everyone’s eye! (specially Romeo, the Chihuahua terrier mix!They have a kind of scary relationship).

  2. Katy Widger says:

    I’m assuming the Monroe is a nod to Marilyn, since she’s a glamourous beauty queen. Is it “Irith” because she has a lisp?
    When Sadie first came, I sort of “picked up” that she had a lisp, and call her “Thadie” quite often. Actually it’s “Thadie Wonder”. Ken laughs when I “translate” what I perceive her to be saying, and talk in “her” voice, with a lisp! Just in fun!

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