Julie received this yesterday:

With sadness I had to put K.T. down. She got to a point where she would not eat much at all and when I took her in she weighed 9-1/2#. My vet was suspicious some time ago that she had something in her tummy like a mass. But no other symptoms and K.T. was doing fine. However, when I took her in for quality of life appointment she felt the masses again because K.T. was so slight they appeared larger and could have been the reason for her not eating. She was 15 years old and till she had the stroke 1 year ago had been a very healthy dog. I will miss her – she was very loyal.

Julie wrote this:
KT lived with Gloria and Michael Lynch they adopted her in April of 1997, she was almost 4 years old.
I had a chance to see KT in September and she still was in long coat,and sported a feminine pink bow in her top knot.She smiled back at me with teeth that made KT very unique. Seeing KT in hair at the age of 15 yr was amazing considering one of the reasons Debby and I did not show her is because we could not get her hair on the ground. 
Gloria and Mike love their lhasas.  They had a male lhasa when the adopted KT, since then they adopted Dylan from me in ’04 when their first lhasa died and adopted Megan from me just this September, knowing that KT did not have much longer.  Mike also adopted “Luge” a Tibetan Terrier sometime in that time frame.  Gloria and Mike are lucky that the get to take the dogs to work with them. They have given all their dogs a very special “forever” home and I know KT lived a full and happy life.

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