:Blessing of Chandra’s puppies

I met my dear friend Bobbie a number of years ago. Having purchased her first Lhasa Apso, she subscribed to the (now defunct) Lhasa Apso Reporter. Seeing my ad, she contacted me about grooming Bailey. Later my Antha, an FFT Apso, went to live with Bobbie and Bailey. I continued to groom Bailey and Antha for their entire lives. Always supportive of my endeavors, here she is a the film premier of Ancient Treasure…

Bailey left this world before Antha. After Antha left, at first Bobbie thought she didn’t want anymore dogs. She didn’t want her dog/s to outlive her. Some time later, not a long time, she contacted me and told me, “honey, life isn’t worth living without a dog.” And so, Garma entered her world with the agreement Garma would need to participate in continuing the Gompa lineage. Bobbie raised Garma’s puppies, Chandra, Arsha and Vajra. Chandra remained with her, again with the understanding that Chandra would participate. And, she did producing Kipu, Karma, Skyob and Akasa.

For years and years – longer than I’ve known her – Bobbie’s spritual practice has centered around the Sacred Mountain Ashram, established in 1974 just outside Boulder. A description reads:

In the majestic Colorado Rockies at 9,000 feet, Sacred Mountain Ashram, on a mountaintop with spectacular views of the Continental Divide, comprises 108 heavenly acres of evergreens and aspens, wildflowers, snow, deer and other furry and feathered brethren. Jyoti Mandir, the Temple of Light, with architecture inspired by temples of Himalaya, offers a sanctuary of peace and upliftment for Satsang, prayer and meditation. Annapurna, a two-story geodesic dome, houses a spacious dining room, community kitchen, an extensive spiritual library and publications sales.

Residences include Jyoti Dham (Gurudeva’s dwelling), Shakti Dham (women’s monastery), and Sadhana (men’s monastery). Cottages and rooms are available for guest and Retreat accommodations primarily in spring and summer. A quarter-mile away, Sevalaya (Center of Service), on 15 acres of aspen-bordered meadows and pines has three residential buildings and guest accommodations (all guest stays are by prior arrangement). Sacred Mountain Ashram is a pilgrimage of heavenly beauty, silence and deep meditation, filled with the Presence of our Gurudeva.

In August prior to bringing the puppies to me, Bobbie took them to the ashram for a blessing.



 See more photos.

One Comment on “:Blessing of Chandra’s puppies”

  1. Chris Geiser says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful story about Bobbie and the Apsos and the blessing of the puppies at the ashram.

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