:You meet the nicest people on What’s New!…sent by Kathy

Katy & Kathy

Katy did these beautiful paintings of Ireland for me.  We share an 
Irish connection.  Our ancestors are from County Cork Ireland, 
combined with our love of Lhasa Apsos, certainly makes us Irish Sisters!

Joe and I shared a wonderful visit and delicious, farm fresh meal at 
Katy & Ken’s on a quick trip to New Mexico last week.  Katy and I 
have been corresponding and this was our first meeting in person.  
What a blessing!  I love animals so it was a major treat to pet the 
goats, check out the chickens, talk to the parrots and play with the 
apso pack of Zeke, Sadie and Wyatt!  Wyatt is adjusting quickly to 
Katy and Ken’s nurturing.  Little mother Sadie enjoys reminding him 
of their mother-son relationship!

Katy sent me alpaca yarn from a near by ranch so I could knit a warm, 
cozy scarf for her to wear in winter.  (see photo)  And I asked her 
to paint a favorite rock wall from a long ago trip to the Aran 
Islands.  You definitely meet the nicest people on What’s New!!

One Comment on “:You meet the nicest people on What’s New!…sent by Kathy”

  1. Susan M says:

    I second that emotion !!!!

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