:Ramblings with wine glasses

The lead-in makes little sense. Or all the sense in the world. I am drinking coffee. It is, after all 6:42 in the morning. The past few days…well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling very irritated. Who am I going to call when Mountain Pet Grooming or RMR Woodworks needs a bail-out. Ghost Busters??

Philosophically, I consider myself an Adlerian Objectivist. Ayn Rand was a 20th century novelist and philosopher, whose Objectivist  philosophy stressed objective reality over supernatural beliefs, reason, self-interest, and capitalism. Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Sigmund Freud,  was an Austrian medical doctor, founder of the school of Individual Psychology and espoused the development of social interest and democratic family structures as ideal for raising children.  

Ayn Rand quote: I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.  

Alfred Adler summed up:

1. Man is a social being and his main desire (the basic motivation) is to belong.

2. All behavior is purposeful. One cannot understand behavior of another person unless one knows to which goal it is directed, and it is always directed towards finding one’s place.

3. Man is a decision-making organism.

4. Man does not see reality as it is, but only as he perceives it, and his perception may be mistaken or biased.

How does one find a political party that incorporates my beliefs, the way I try to live my life? The strength of our society should be built on the qualities of the responsible, responsive individual. None of this trickle-down crap led by irresponsible looters with golden parachutes. A while back, double-checking that my voter status should remain unaffiliated, I explored the available parties…and I’m not referring to the top two. Alas. Alack. None of them spoke to me. Not the American Constitution Party. Not the America First Party. Certainly not the Communist Party. Or the Socialist Party. Not the Libertarian Party. Or the Green Party. Or the Pacifist Party. There was even a Party dedicated to the legalization of marijuana. Can’t find the name of it right now…perhaps it was Pot Party.

With that as a segeway, today I will celebrate the Wine Party!

My sisters brought 2 bottles of wine and 3 wine glasses from a nearby Nebraska winery….Cuthills Vineyards.

I love the Cuthills Vineyards banner…

While I have no early memories of grape vines in Nebraska, the barn is classic in style. My freshman English teacher, Miss Faye Gordon (she also taught my parents and Johnny Carson – appeared on his show several times), told us the most beautiful sunsets were in Nebraska and Italy. Indeed, Nebraska regularly has spectacular sunsets, as evidenced in the banner. Burrr. The familiar Nebraska winter lighting in the vineyard makes me shiver!

When Faye was here for the Specialty weekend, she generously presented me with this It’s Five O’clock Somewhere wine glass.


Full of bling and surprises, there’s a recipe on the bottom of the glass…

“5 O’clock Somewhere”
3 oz. Red Wine
2 oz. Lemon Juice
2 tsp. Simple Syrup

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