:Wyatt also needs a Forever Home

Last week I shared information about the Dog Sisters and Rosie, but left out Wyatt. I thought the perfect placement for Wyatt had presented, only to be disappointed yesterday. Perhaps disappointed isn’t the right word. Wyatt is a sweet, gentle happy dog. Nothing much fazes him. He’s now neutered. He’s ready to get on with his life. And I thought he’d be doing that as an Office Dog, accompanying his new owner to work daily to a dog friendly office. What happened?? New Potential Owner was concerned it would take too much time to housetrain Wyatt. I ask myself…where did I fail to communicate?? I am open about my dogs’ lifestyle. To call them housetrained would be stretching the truth. They’re not house dogs. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have good manners! There is always a transition phase when dogs change homes. Even a perfectly trained dog may have accidents. The key is to set the dog up to succeed by establishing good habits from the get-go. The guidelines Vickie provides in her excellent article Housetraining Your Lhasa Apso does just that. So…should I be disappointed that New Potential Owner wasn’t willing to invest the time?? Or should I be thankful he considered this and realized his own limitations??

The sad part is…Wyatt wouldn’t take much effort at all. In all the years I’ve placed dogs, only once has a dog been returned because of housetraining issues. That woman refused to follow any advice about training and let Deca run free in a 3,500 square foot house before good habits were established. :::sigh:::

See Wyatt’s Slideshow.

See Wyatt’s Family Tree.

7 Comments on “:Wyatt also needs a Forever Home”

  1. shelley says:

    if only i didn’t have a full house…he is a quite a charmer. i’m sorry. lhasas are so smart and (at least Iris) very adaptable.

  2. Rose says:

    Oh Deb… he is so cute. I’d take him, but the Village would really be after me, we are only allowed 2 pets. I remember when Tango came–the housebreaking issue could be mentally overwhelming, but they are quickly, quickly overcome. Its been 4 months and there is rarely an accident inside. Also, i always only had 1 to spoil and was a little unsure about having two; but I’d have to agree, it is much, much better for them to have a playmate. Tango and Willis love each other, love to play; have company when i’m not home and have just brought me so much love. I love to walk them and tell everyone they are brothers. Hoping Wyatt gets lucky soon and maybe gets to hang with one of his relatives….Maybe i can find someone so i can come pick him up and visit with you and Ginny again!!!

  3. Tammy says:

    While I was showing Wyatt, he came to work with me on a daily bases. I found it worked best in letting him find a spot and I put Natures Miracle puppy training bads down in that spot. Then he started to go front of the big window door, So I know he will catch on fast. He also went at my back door at my apartment. The only thing is he never ask he just went, but I never worked with him hard since he went back to the kennel between shows.

  4. Judy Gregurich says:

    The potential owner didn’t deserve handsome Wyatt.
    All dogs require love and patience. I know your “mom” instinct will find the right owner. I love your website. I have learned so much about my Lhasas thru your site. Judy

  5. Ginny says:

    I was around Wyatt at the Brighton Show and he such a sweet little soul.He adjusted to the other dogs at the show so well for such a little guy.Whomever becomes his “family” will be very lucky to have him.Actually, I’d love to have him, but does anyone know the “D” word…..that would be Divorse !! Kim would move me and all 6 dogs out to the street.

  6. Wyatt was a delight to handle both in the ring and outside the ring while in Seward. A confident little dog, he was handed off to a complete stranger for grooming and gaiting. He took it all in stride and put his best foot forward all the way around. I have *no* doubt that Wyatt will make an exceptional companion.

  7. Katy Widger says:

    I’m sorry about this, Debbie. It’s a shame.
    But if the Potential New Owner isn’t willing to invest the little time and effort it would take to housebreak Wyatt, then perhaps it’s for the best…the “right” owner will come forth soon.

    Housetraining Sadie (Wyatt’s mom) was a piece of cake! Especially compared to the months and daily, hourly investment it took to housebreak Zeke as a puppy!
    It took about “three minutes” to housetrain Sadie, and mostly involved showing her how to navigate the dog door. Yes, we have had a small handful of “accidents” in the past nine months, most because the dog door was closed due to extreme wind or inclimate weather, and we didn’t pick up on her subtle signals. She is not as overt in her communications as Zeke is (with him, you are never in doubt as to his desires!). I have learned to listen to her and pay attention to her subtle cues, and she communicates just fine. If I ask, she will tell me!
    Perhaps Wyatt is similar in his “talk”. He just needs the right owner, one who will take the small amount of time to learn his mannerisms and communication style and spend the small amount of time required to show him the proper place to do his job.
    Another great benefit to adopting a former show dog is that they are highly socialized in a way that I found impossible to do with Zeke, as much as I tried. I’m sure Wyatt would be the perfect “office dog” considering his background.
    And if he’s anything like his mother, he’s poised and polished and has great manners.
    Is he silly, like Sadie is, too? she’s a hoot!

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